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Minecraft Review


Julie Ellis / 27 Nov 2020

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Without a computer or a console that you play Minecraft on, you can still address your Minecraft fix with the Google Play app for Android and App Store app for iOS comes as a great solution to solve boredom in your day to day gaming. Here’s a review of the application.

Get Intrigued by the Smooth Gameplay

One thing I find intriguing in the Minecraft application is the graphics quality. The iOS and Android app has extremely vibrant 3D graphics. While graphics may not make a game to be good or bad, seeing and hearing this is definitely a reassurance factor that the developers are offering the game the love it deserves. 

Generally, the open-world sandbox video game offers the player some virtual land to explore. Here, you can use your own imagination to generate anything. Every component of the game is pixelated blocks that are classified into materials like dirt, sand, grass, stone, and more. The fact that it doesn’t offer a step by step guideline or a specific goal is a plus, as it strengthens and sharpens your creativity. 

In the latest version, you can savor the game in two modes namely Creative mode and Survival mode.

  • Survival mode – You are required to collect all materials and resources to help with crafting and building during the day. On nightfall, you will need to use all the items that you’ve prepared to fight Minecraft villains. Since enemies will frequently attempt to destroy what you’ve constructed and attack you anytime, it would be recommendable that you design a wise strategy to help you ward them off.
  • Creative mode – This option offers unlimited access to the entire Minecraft World. If you fancy creativity, exploration, and building, then this is the best mode for you. Here, you’ll not need to spend more time doing the mining. But instead, you can begin a building project immediately whenever you would like to. 

The game features a D-pad located towards the bottom left part of the screen. It is used to control movement, and two strafing buttons appear when moving forward. Towards the bottom right corner is the jump button, while the sneak button is towards the center of the D-pad.

Notably, as you move towards a nearby block a level higher than the player’s current level, the player automatically jumps the block. What’s more, you can swap the jump and sneak button, offering the convenience of playing from your preferred side. The controls are up to date and just ideal for this genre.

Can I Replay the Game?

Notably, the game offers players a world that is randomly generated; this brings different experience while playing the game. It can also be played offline, so whether you can’t connect to the internet or you just want to play the game locally, you are sorted.

Considering Minecraft is a sandbox, only your ability and creativity can limit the game's replay value on the Google Android and iOS application. However, I believe that if the ores are added, it will make the game much more interesting to replay.

Should I Pay Some Money? 

The lead game offers in-app purchases that come with a myriad of new features, the ability to transform your skin, as well as bonus mobs. Additionally, the update by the in-app purchases offers foreign language support, a world of edit screen offering the ability to edit the game type and your world’s name. Once you’ve purchased content, you can access it via your PC or through your mobile device by linking it to your Xbox Live account. 

The latest version of Minecraft now comes with an option where you can purchase Minecraft Realms, a monthly subscription service which will allow you to create a personal Minecraft world. Notably, the app is not free to download. 

To Play or Not to Play 

Minecraft is fun and can be the best remedy to address your Minecraft fix whenever you’re not near your console or PC. If you need an excellent purchase to play whenever you need a distraction or when bored, then this is the best gift to get yourself or someone else who is looking for the same thing.

If you enjoy playing the PC version, then you’ll more than likely find this mobile edition even more enjoyable. I would recommend the app to Minecraft enthusiasts who would love to enjoy the game from whatever location.

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