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Fortnite Review


Julie Ellis / 24 Nov 2020

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Looking for a fantastic survival shooter game to pillage in your free time? You will love Fortnite. You’ve probably already heard about this phenomenon of a game. If you still haven’t put it through its paces, you’ve come to the right place. In this brief review, I’m going to cover Fortnite and inspire you to try it out. It’s a free-to-play title, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Graphics and Sound

Fortnite’s visuals definitely set the game apart from other video games of the battle royale genre. The thing is, instead of the gloomy lifelike scenes you’d expect to see in war zones, in Fortnite, you find yourself on a beautiful cartoonish island filled with cute, funny, and child-friendly aesthetics. Yes, visually, the game differs from other battle royale titles. But this fact definitely adds up to its unique charm and atmosphere.

You will be pleased with the game’s sound effects as well. The developers of Fortnite did their best to pay the closest attention to the sound quality. So just put your best headphones on and hear for yourself. Overall, each sound effect is polished and contributes to the immersive effect of the game.


The default Fortnite controls for the mouse and keyboard won’t take your breath away. Fortunately, you can fix that and optimize them for building — one of the key aspects of the gameplay. At first glance, Fortnite’s PC and console controls aren’t easy to get to grips with. However, once you play this amazing game a few times, you will get used to them. With regard to the game’s mobile controls, they differ from those of the PC and console, which means they also take some getting used to.


Fortnite was released by Epic Games 3 years ago. Battle Royale is one of the 3 available Fortnite game modes. All three Fortnite modes focus on the last-man-standing storyline. That being said, while enjoying the game, you’ll be on a mission to hide, shoot, fight, and be the last man to survive among the rest 100 characters.  

As you progress, the playable area will shrink, which means you will constantly wind up having less space to battle on than before. The last player alive wins the game. Fortnite is available for download on a variety of devices and smartphones. 

Lasting Appeal

With Fortnite’s ever-evolving essence and endless freedom of choices, it’s obvious that the lasting appeal of this battle royale title might be the best you’ll ever experience in a video game. Both kids and adults adore Fortnite, that’s a fact. Curious why its lasting appeal is so impressive? It’s obvious: the game is just better than most other titles of the battle royale genre. 


The developers of Fortnite have refined the battle royale genre and added a unique flavor to it. Upon discovering this title, you will be fascinated by its exquisite graphics, excellent-quality sound effects, fantastic characters, as well as immersive and addictive gameplay. Chances are high that you will like the game even more than your kid does.

In 2020, the game attracted 350 million registered players cementing itself as the finest gem of the gaming realm. So if you’re finally ready to give Fortnite a try, you’re welcome to grab the game, sit back, relax, and play away. You will have a blast discovering this awesome title, as well as the immense world of possibilities it will shower you with.

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