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Evernote - stay organized. Review


Julie Ellis / 10 Dec 2020

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Evernote is a useful tool that helps you capture a memo or notes in any format, then make it both searchable and accessible on any mobile device, laptop, or on the web. Additionally, the app lets multiple people work on shared notebooks which are instantly updated and can be accessed on any of the mentioned gadgets. 

It comes out as a flexible and easy to use tool that helps users collaborate on projects, share information, digitize important files, and create business workflows around processes. What’s more, you can also use it to monitor finances and capture brainstorms. 

The developers created the app with the intention of dramatically transforming the way users work. According to the company, they design products that inspire your tasks and projects from the beginning of the process to the end. But does the app have all that it takes? 


The developers have done an excellent job when it comes to the iOS app’s user interface. However, the Android version is still lagging behind. It’s bright and accented by a green background, which happens to be the signature color. You can adjust the color scheme from dark, light and green themes. 

You have to subscribe to the premium version to enjoy a custom patterned background that adds depth to your home screen. Moreover, the simple animations add some flair to the experience. 

Content and Features

This iOS and Android app is ideal for creating new notes on the fly or reading the content that you’ve already saved on the app. There are many ways in which you can design collections. By tapping the plus sign appearing throughout the app, you will have formed a new note instantly, adding the formatting as you type. 

The notes may comprise text, audio recordings, images, reminders, web clippings, or file attachments. You can also create handwritten notes by drawing with your finger on the screen. 

User Experience

Evernote makes it easy for you to take notes. All you need to do is start the application, tap on the plus (+) button and begin typing almost instantly. Attaching photos, tags, audio recordings and locations to your notes is also quite straightforward. To access the information, you only need to go to Notebooks-Collections. Notably, the application requires quite a bit of storage space (200.3 MB), but it still works seamlessly, and no lags or crashes were experienced. 


If you’re downloading from the Play Store, you’ll need a device beyond Android 5.0. The App Store variant works with version 10.3 and over, and is compatible with the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. 


Evernote transforms how you take notes on projects or ideas. Instead of gathering lots of scattered emails and text files and combining them into MS Word documents, now each of your notes can stay in Evernote and be accessible regardless of the device you’re using. Notably, the rich-text editor needs some update, but the app is still a solid recommendation to big-time note-takers.


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